Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rolling Fog, Seeing Clearly

As I drove through the thick fog with my brother Jordan and his fiance, Jen, I thought to myself, "this fog is so thick I could put it into a tupperware container." I probably could have, but I was fresh out of Gladware and securely belted into the vehicle.
It was really great to spend time with this brother of mine and my sister-in-law to be. We went over to a family friend's house and played trivial pursuit and battle of the sexes. This is the first quality time that I've spent with my brother a decade or more? Perhaps when Rhumbas were in style? No... I just never really see the adventurous guy and I realized something about myself today. I assume the best in people I have never met, yet the worst of my family. Sure, they have qualities that painfully rub every fiber of my being at times, but they also have really endearing qualities. They are human. They are so loved, though! I want to love them for who they are as both inherently annoying and joyfully unique creatures. Lord, help me with this. I am weak to do it on my own.

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