Tuesday, December 2, 2008


In my mind there seems to be a knotted mass of thoughts that vary in urgency and importance. One strand is reminding me of my unsatiated stomach while another twists around it, its fibers probing me to override my desire to munch and go put on a pair of gloves because my fingers are turning an unhealthy shade of purple. But these are just the most extraneous strands. At the heart of this knot are my thoughts concerning what I am to do with my life. Yes, it's that broad. Of course I do not need to figure this out right now, but I do enjoy planning and imagining what the next turn of life will be like. How does one unravel the knot? I'm not that concerned about it, honestly, for there will probably never be a way to do so.
I'm just very thankful for friends who help me in this process of picking through the rainbow of strings and ropes. That is a great joy to me. Thanks for listening.

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