Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Currently I have one final paper that remains between me and the end of the semester and I am feeling quite apathetic toward it. (Obviously, considering I am blogging instead of writing it - it's due tomorrow!) Well, I am just certainly grateful that my calling in life is not to write academic papers. I find people much more interesting. I would rather spend hours and days on end talking and listening with someone rather than writing one research paper. This is the heart God has given me - and I praise Him for it!
Yesterday and today I had the opportunity to spend with my mom and grandma (the beautiful one who I talked about in my last post) and I just absolutely grew in appreciation for the wonderful family that I have come from. My mother is a fountain of wisdom and tender love that I have been too self-absorbed to tap into until this point in my life. I will drink of this fount from now on! And my dear grandmother - what an absolutely delightful sense of humor this woman has. We went to Olive Garden yesterday for lunch and the three of us were seated at a table for 6. My grandmother pipes up to tell our hostess, "make sure to send any single men to our table." I look forward to the deep-creased laugh lines that I will earn someday to match hers.
And since I previously posted a picture of my grand-mama, these pictures are an ode to my magnificent mama.

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