Sunday, February 21, 2010

Emotional Tank

Being a woman, I have this strong emotional side to me - whether I like it or not. Seemingly, when I feel emotions, they simply go deeper and are more encompassing in comparison to how a man might feel them. Anyway, why do I speak of this? Well, I heard a pastor a few years ago who every once in a while would address the men in the congregation, asking them, "have you asked how your wife's emotional tank is recently?" Now, I was in a relationship at the time, so I kind of thought that perhaps this idea of an emotional tank would also make sense for me, a woman in a relationship. I totally identified with what the pastor was saying and would often have to let my significant other know when my emotional tank was running low - when I needed a hug or some words of encouragement.
But being single - does that emotional tank still exist? (Yes... duh, I think) Who does one go to to fill that emotional tank? Will it ever feel the same as, as a single person, when the one who helps to fill the emotional tank is a committed relationship partner?
Okay, so this may be WAY to "touchy-feely"... I admit, it's pushing my standards as well. But legitimately - I think women have emotional tanks that get low sometimes, and of course God wants us to turn to Him for that emotional support, but I think he also provides people through whom He shows His affection. I guess I'm just saying... hugs are welcome, and so are words of encouragement :)

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Anonymous said...

I am sending you a billion kazillion hugs and kisses and so much love. How God does fill that emotional tank not only by Him but through Him---I know---I am single and a woman. You are so loved and I wish I could place a big kiss on my Poother-doo right now---Mouse