Tuesday, February 2, 2010

After the Tassle Turned


Well, my friends, it has been a while since I have blogged. I have thought about it many times, actually, but I was always waiting for... something. And not that "something" has happened, but I have thoughts to share. First, I guess you can see from the pictures that I graduated from college - and finally grew 8 inches to be as tall as my brothers! That day is a sweet memory - a once in a lifetime memory.

But the inevitable question is always, "what will be next?" I was contemplating many ideas during the month of December - mostly ideas of doing ministry in various places like East Asia, France or England. If not those, then I figured I would end up in Milwaukee... but God brought the idea into my head of doing ministry in a place that I had practically said I would never end up doing ministry as a staff member - back on the UW campus. As I prayed through this, I realized that God had been slowly leading me to this place and that it actually will be an experience that I will be passionate about. I will be interning with Campus Crusade for Christ for about 9 months. This position will allow me to build relationships with women who live in the dorms and share with them the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you know me at all, you know that I am a highly relational person. I thrive upon having deep, heart-piercing conversations with people. As an intern, I will also be training leaders in evangelism and will be helping to build new spiritual movements on campus. This may sound strange to... many people... but personally, God has turned my world upside down and not living like this - not taking this incredible opportunity to get paid to have God-honoring relationships - that would be strange to me. From this place on campus, I also hope to share God's heart for the poor with students. His heart for the poor is His heart for me - for them, because we are all spiritually poverty-stricken without the richness of God's grace and the gift of Jesus in our lives. I would love, after this year, to be able to bring students with me to the city, where I hope to continue ministry.

"Bridget, I think I know where your name comes from - you bridge the gaps between people." - This sweet quote came from an acquaintance last year, and it clearly has left an impression upon my heart. Truly this captures my heart because nothing is so deeply moving to me as seeing hurt, broken people brought back together by forgiveness to have a reconciled relationship. Jesus is in the business of reconciliation - in fact, without him, broken people and relationships can never be fully healed. With this passion, I step forward in faith toward broken people, broken families... hurting people.

One of those broken people is myself, actually. The sin in my life is deep and gross. Sometimes it's so easy to become bogged down by the guilt of my transgressions, but thanks to my God who forgives, I can live in the freedom of his grace! It is my ambition to live in gratitude... and not in guilt. If I live in guilt, the attention is turned on me and how I have failed. But if I live in grace, the attention is turned on God and what He has done for me, His beloved! He gets all of the glory! And that is how it should be. Abba, help me to bring you glory by praising you for making my dead heart beat again.