Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Woohoo God!

Wow, I am floored by the Almighty!

This summer I have the incredible opportunity to return to Milwaukee as a student staff member for a summer project through Campus Crusade for Christ. I was on this project as a student last summer and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. This whole blog is basically the lovechild of my summer in Milwaukee.

Well, I am "woohooing" God because today I received some support checks in the mail that brought me to the half-way point of my support goal! And I only sent out my support letters last week! It's amazing to see how God is working in people's hearts to give even when it seems money is so tight in the rest of the nation's economy.

Thank you, my supporters!! I am eagerly anticipating being a part of what God is going to do this summer in Milwaukee.

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