Friday, November 2, 2012

Maybe One Day...

Maybe one day I will learn how to sew on a sewing machine.  I've sewn a few projects by hand, including some rather special bunnies, and the lining for a hat that I knit.  I'm not a big project person, but I think every once in a while I might like to whip out a cute, hand-made oven mitt or a personalized apron for a gift.  And those would be a lot easier with a machine rather than by hand.

Maybe one day I will teach kids in my neighborhood a few basic drawing techniques.  I have always really enjoyed doodling and often think back to my middle and high school art classes.  When I doodle, I realize that I have relied mainly on the techniques of shading, perspective, and human portraiture that I learned in those years.

Maybe one day I'll buy and eat lots of vegetables - maybe even local ones - and really enjoy it!  (Well... ya never know!)

Maybe one day I'll play soccer again.

Maybe one day isn't too far away...?

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