Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Making the Transition from Intern to Full-time Staff

My second intern year with Cru is wrapping up.  I loved my time with the Campus Ministry in Madison for my first intern year and I have loved my time with Here's Life Inner City in Milwaukee... that is why I am staying longer term and joining staff!  The differences between interning and joining full time staff are subtle, but the biggest differences are that as an intern, I committed to one year with a ministry of Cru and had a variety of responsibilities and experiences.  As full-time staff, I am committed to at least three to five years and will be focusing in on specific areas of ministry that will be my full responsibility.

The next step is attending the first part of New Staff Training at the Cru headquarters in Orlando.  After that, I will be headed to Madison for the fall, with other visits planned to Minnesota and Missouri, to reconnect with current supporters and develop new ministry partners.  I am looking forward to growing in my relationship with the Lord during this time and making connections with the faithful people who have partnered with me in advancing the gospel in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee has become my home, but I am excited to spend the fall in Madison.  I love the farmer's market, Badger game days, visiting friends, and consuming great amounts of coffee.  I got a small taste of all this over Labor Day weekend.  Here's a picture with my friend Emily who invited me to the Badger game:

Photo: Opening day for Badger football! Biggest crowd I've seen at Camp Randle. #onwisconsin

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