Thursday, July 5, 2012

Scenes of Summer

I love summer project!  Sure, there are times when I'm so exhausted I just want to cry, but there are also really sweet times when I get to see the Lord bring people into relationship with Him and lives are changed.  Here are a few scenes from this summer:

Ethiopian staff, Bety, and I went sharing together out on the shores of Lake Michigan.  We shared the gospel with a couple from Pakistan and a Hmong couple.  So fun to see the gospel going to the nations right in Milwaukee!
For a social, all of the staff dressed up in disguises and tried to blend in on a popular shopping street while students were given the task of being on the lookout for us.  My friend Kara is on the left as a teenage boy, and I went as a runner.

Our students partner with several of our partner ministries to empower their efforts in reaching children and adults with the gospel.  Above, student Trish demonstrates what it's like to try to hide things from God - it's impossible because He can see deep into our hearts.


Bethany Sachs said...

Ha! Your hair looks so fake! Oh and awesome choice for a baseball cap...

Anonymous said...

Hey Poother----been waiting for an update from you---- can I borrow that wig?? Love u---Mouse