Saturday, December 10, 2011

Winter Collage

I'm very fond of writing in rhyme, so let me share with you how I've been spending my time:
Cheering for the Pack at a Monday night game, the Vikings sure lost - and that's not a shame!
Boxes of Love came and went in a flash- with our church partners, we made quite a splash
Spending time with my friends in so many ways, from coffee to cooking and to Christmas plays
There's probably more I could add to this post, but keeping things simple is what I value most :)
At the game with some of my team: Jeff & Sarah, Kara, Me

I taught an evangelism training at Boxes of Love for our ministry partners

Kara and Tang are not only part of the HLIC staff team, they are also my roomies!

Our photographer cued us for different emotions... this was tired.

Scared... although, Tang looks a little too happy to be scared :)

Keepin' it real in the hood.


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Anonymous said...

Love all of the pictures...