Monday, August 29, 2011

Awkward, but true

So, I have 3 nephews and a niece all under the age of 5.  They are pretty stinkin' cute.  But they are just growing up so quickly!  The eldest is just a few months shy of turning 5 and I keep thinking about how this is the age that I really can start remembering back to.  And let me tell you... there are some awkward memories.

Like that time when I had a clown suit for dress up.  It was navy blue with white polka dots and had cute colored yarn puff balls that ran up the middle of it like buttons.  I think my mother may have made it.  Well, there was one day when I was around 4 that I got quite angry.  I can't even remember about what, but I do remember going down to the basement with that clown suit and letting it have the brunt of my anger by ripping it in two.  Not a proud moment to look back on, but pretty accurate in terms of how I acted out as a child.
This is 4th grade...right on the verge of the real awkward phase of life.  I'm the one in the plaid, if you weren't sure :)
Ah yes, or a little later on, like in 4th grade at our school's annual "Skate-a-Thon."  We spent the day at a roller rink, showing off and getting blistered feet.  There was a group of boys in my class who were very close.  I had a crush on one of them with brown, wavy hair; a beautiful smile; and soccer skills I was envious of.  Well, a few of these boys skated up to me and said, "Phil wants to hold your hand and skate with you."  Phil?!  He was the tallest boy in our class with dark brown hair, lanky arms, and big teeth.  I did not have a crush on Phil.  Flustered, I said, "Well, he'll have to catch me!"  And I quickly took off skating... but it was a loop - where in the world did I think I was going?  He never did catch me.

And like that time in fifth grade when I was a new student at an elementary school.  It was recess and I was playing on the monkey bars with some friends when a group of boys came over.  I knew they were friends of the boy (Jack) in my class whom I found most annoying because he had to make a comment about everything.  They said to me, "Hey - Jack wants to know your phone number."  They laughed among themselves as my face flushed.  Eager to get attention off of myself I responded, "it's 911!"  They quickly turned to run after poor Jack and tell him of how I had crushed his pride.

Or that time in sixth grade when I had a month to work on building a model of a castle.  Day 1 : I got a piece of green construction paper for the land it would sit on.  Days 2-28 : I probably sat around watching tv. Day 29 : Reminder in school that the castle was due the next day.  Panic.  Stayed up late and got up early to construct a shoddy gray construction paper castle.  I began walking to school, with the glue still wet and it collapsed before I got to the end of the block.  I cried and turned back toward home.  My mother agreed to call the school, telling them I'd be late so that I could redo my project.  Finally, I got it to school and was relieved to get this burden out of my hands.  A few days later... I found out I got a D on my castle.  My first ever grade below a B and I was devastated and ashamed.  But I knew I totally deserved it.

These moments of my life are awkward, but true... and they're just scratching the surface.  Praise the Lord that He is making me more like Jesus each day!  I'm not done with being awkward, but at least they are more Christ-like.  He was human after all... I'm sure he ran into some awkward moments.

So... what about you?  I'd love to hear your best "awkward, but true" stories :)

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