Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Life in Pictures

Well, I hope this post isn't too disappointing, but I realized that I really enjoy seeing pictures when other people post them on their blogs. And I have been lacking in that category recently. But here are a few of my life recently...

These are my roommates - Huda and BJ. Huda and I cheered on BJ on Halloween for the marathon that she ran. It was the Haunted Hustle - participants were encouraged to wear costumes!Below are the women that I co-lead with the woman in the top middle, Bonnie. All of these ladies are seniors and has been so fun to go through a study of the tabernacle with them by Beth Moore!

This last picture is with my friend Annie in front of a gorgeous sunset in October. We've had some pretty mild weather so far - and I am not complaining!

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